Make every feeding decision the right one

Human feeders are often good feeders, with lots of experience and great intuition. However, with over 200.000 salmon in a cage, we need technology to help us process data, stay focused and make the right decisions.

Give yourself an edge in feeding

  • Get an objective measurement of the fishes' appetite
  • Be more sure in your feeding
  • Get better on growth
  • Less feed waste

Did I feed too little or too much?

Most feeders tend to feed conservatively. Also different people have different opinions and observations, resulting in subjective feeding decisions. Artificial Intelligence helps farmers to make informed feeding decisions.

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CageEye’s autonomous feeding solution monitors salmon behavior and understands the appetite of the fish.

The computer automatically controls and adjusts the feeding to optimize production.

Breakthrough in salmon feeding

Fully automatic feeding: dynamic and in real-time, based on the fish’s needs
Multiple feeding decisions at the same time.
Increased growth rates and lower feed waste.
24/7 monitoring, pattern recognition and analysis.

Our service

Our team of algorithm experts, data scientists, expert biological advice and product developers provide industry-leading expertise and services to improve feeding and tailor feeding regimes to each cage.

Fully autonomous feeding
Access to the online dashboard
24/7 technical support
Support from operation central
Production planning and feeding strategy consulting
Professional services and biological analysis
Weekly and monthly reports
Equipment alignment
Why choose us?
Reliable and low-maintenance

Designed with a weatherproof double enclosure and a robust radiolink. Minimal maintenance is required due to self-cleaning properties.

Easy to install

Installation by means of two anchorage points or free hanging from the hoop. Easy to remove when needed.

Full overview at any time

The proprietary sensors provide a full overview of the underwater situation and enable optimized feeding at any time.

Suitable for remote control

CageEye is ideal for remote operations and can be integrated with external feeding systems. The dashboard is also designed for use with mobile devices.

Independent of light or visibility

CageEye uses advanced hydroacustics which does not require good visibility or light.

Itegrates with camera systems

Complementary to camera systems. CageEye can be used alone or as a complement to an existing camera system.

Technical specs

The CageEye solution is the most advanced feeding system available. It is self-learning and improves every day.

Catering to fish instincts coupled with fish conditioning, and comprehensive monitoring and precise optimization delivers results that were previously impossible for humans to achieve.

The system can feed fully autonomously. Human supervisors interact with it. In case of an unexpected event, the farmer can stop the system and take over control.

Specifications and requirements

Compatible with cages
Circular cages 80m - 160m circumference
Square cages 8m - 40m
Fits all common fish farming cages, Square and round.
Works with sensor depths of 10m and down.
* Note: the systems performance is affected by cage coverage.
Installation by CageEye personnel.
Power requirement at each cage
60w, 230V 50hz
Power requirement at the barge
2kW, 230V, 50hz
Internet connection at the barge
30 Mbps
Integration with feeding system
Feeding System Communication Protocol Requirements
Sensor in the cage
Cabinet at the handrail
Receiver and server at the feed barge
Equipment is serviced by CageEye

CageEye solution comparison

Feeding AssistantEchofeeding
Hardware included
All the equipment you need.
Network and integration setup
Integration with your feeding system. Cage to barge network with redundancy.
Autonomous feeding function
Enable autonomous feeding adjustment in a meal.
User Interface
Feed all of your CageEye cages with one feeding screen.
Feeding assistant AI
An AI for each cage, using sonar-data and trained by you to give feeding intensity recommendations.
Echofeeding AI
An AI for each cage, using sonar-data, trained by the fish. Optimized for feeding on the premises of the fish and fastest growth by training in the cloud on the CageEye data library. Utilizing the latest biological knowledge.
Smart meal planner
Enable fully autonomous feeding with smart meal planning.
CageEye supervises and monitors the feeding 24/7.
Weekly feeding reports
Spare parts on site / express delivery
Partner Success representative
Personal technical and feeding support. We help you reach your goals.
Biological advisory and analysis
Analysis, benchmarking, reporting.
on request
Technical consulting (network, IT, other HW)
Network, IT, hardware
on request

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