We are CageEye

CageEye is a global company, headquartered in Oslo, Norway. It is our mission to optimize seafood production in the most responsible and sustainable way. To do so, we have developed a unique hydroacoustic technology that delivers deep analytical data and translates fish behavior into knowledge and insights.

We understand fish behavior – we speak 'Fish', – as we like to call it. Speaking fish means we can better match the feeding to the fish's natural behavior and appetite than ever before, resulting in increased fish growth, less feed waste and increased fish welfare.

Nice to meet you! "Bløb!"
Bendik S. Søvegjarto, CEO CageEye

Demand for food will nearly double by 2050

As the world population grows to 10 billion and food preferences change to more protein rich diets, the demand for food will nearly double by 2050. At CageEye, we believe we must all work together on optimizing seafood production in the most responsible and sustainable way.

Aquaculture is the answer

The FAO expects a 37% growth in aquaculture production from 2016 to 2030, reaching 109 million tonnes annually. Aquaculture already is, and will remain, an important industry helping solve the challenge of the growing demand for more high quality proteins.

Aquatic precision farming

Down to zero feed waste, lower diseases and mortality, higher efficiency and yield and improved animal welfare. The future of fish feeding is based on data, algorithms, machine learning, and most of all: insights. If we all gain an even better understanding of fish behavior, we are able to increase the global production in the most sustainable way.

Fueling growth in aquaculture

By understanding fish behavior, we help farmers to feed according to the fish' natural routines, appetite and needs. This results in more efficient feeding, increased fish growth, and ultimately, increased sustainable production, addressing the demand for more seafood directly.

Bløb“Bløb!”[ bluhb ]interjection1 - used to express a greeting or attract attention.2 - an exclamation of surprise, wonder, elation, etc.3 - English translation in this context = “Nice to meet you!”


NoFood2Waste research project

Full fish scanning to support appetite based feeding control in aquaculture

Bluegrove launches #EngageWithOceans initiative

Aquatech company Bluegrove has launched a solutions-based ocean support initiative,#EngageWithOceans, to collect and share knowledge about the sea.

Bluegrove prepares for Arctic expansion

Aquatech company Bluegrove has established an office in the Arctic city of Tromsø to support existing and new customers in the region, and to facilitate further expansion in Northern Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

The CageEye Team

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CageEye is already present in markets covering three-quarters of the global salmon production and is expanding quickly.