Bluegrove prepares for Arctic expansion

Published: 27. ene., 2021

Aquatech company Bluegrove has established an office in the Arctic city of Tromsø to support existing and new customers in the region, and to facilitate further expansion in Northern Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

“Our farming partners have told us they like us to be located close to them so we can support them on an ongoing basis without delay. We have responded accordingly,” said Bendik S. Søvegjarto, CEO, Bluegrove.

Aquaculture is set to experience tremendous growth in the Arctic in the years and decades ahead, so having a presence in the region is essential for anyone wishing to contribute and participate, according to veteran salesman Ole Andreas Kristoffersen who has been employed by Bluegrove to develop the business.

“Tromsø is an ideal location from which we will deliver technology and solutions that help aquaculture companies improve sustainable productivity and expand in ways that respect the needs of both people, fish and the Arctic environment,” said Kristoffersen.

Bluegrove subsidiaries CageEye, SEALAB and NorseAqua specialize in hydro acoustic and visual technology, cleaner fish equipment and fish farming equipment that helps fish farmers observe and respond to fish behavior with feeding regimes and other measures that bolster productivity and profitability, while at the same time reducing feed waste and improving health and welfare.

Aquaculture community
Bluegrove’s Tromsø office will be based at the FLOW Coworking space, where several other fish producers and industry bodies have established a dynamic aquaculture hub. The hub offers Bluegrove scope for interaction with people in the aquaculture sector, with local politicians, with their farming partners and with consumers.

“We will be sharing the space with a string of respected companies in the sector so we expect there to be plenty of opportunities to cooperate and learn from each other. Establishing a presence here in Tromsø will make it easier for us to be close to customers and supply them with spare parts quickly,” said Kristoffersen.

“Being from Northern Norway means fish is a part of our identity. To me, aquaculture is an exciting business, especially since there are so many new developments and initiatives to further power the industry. I am looking forward to getting to know the farmers in this region and providing them with sustainable solutions and optimize their operations,” he said.

Having a base close to UiT The Arctic University of Norway and to organizations such as The Aquaculture Research Station, The Centre for Marine Aquaculture, The Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture Research and Norwegian Seafood Council, may also deliver synergies as Bluegrove’s research-focused team continues to develop new and improved technological solutions for the aquaculture sector, according to Søvegjarto.

“We are delighted that Ole Andreas has agreed to join Bluegrove. His background from not only the fishing industry, but from the computer and economic systems sectors as well, makes him a great ambassador for both Bluegrove and for the industry as a whole.”