Efficient and sustainable fish farming through hydroacoustics and machine learning

Our solution combines hydroacoustic technology to monitor fish movement and environmental data with advanced machine learning algorithms to observe fish behavior and objectively measure fish appetite. This enables you to optimize your feeding operations, reduce the feed conversion ratio while increasing growth rates.

Reliable and low-maintenance

Designed with a weatherproof double enclosure and a robust radiolink. Minimal maintenance is required due to self-cleaning properties.

Easy to install

Installation by means of two anchorage points or free hanging from the hoop. Easy to remove when needed.

Suitable for remote control

CageEye is ideal for remote operations and can be integrated with external feeding systems. The dashboard is also designed for use with mobile devices.

Integrates with camera systems

Complementary to camera systems. CageEye can be used alone or as a complement to an existing camera system.

Independent of light or visibility

CageEye uses advanced hydroacoustics which does not require good visibility or light.

Full overview at any time

The proprietary sensors provide a full overview of the underwater situation and enable optimized feeding at any time.

Analytics & Performance Reports

Get instant insight into your farms performance.

Feeding Assistant

More on assisted feeding


More on autonomous feeding

Fact based decision making

Artificial intelligence is being used to perform behavioral analysis on fish movement in relation to environmental and feeding data, enabling optimized feeding.

Proven technology

Our technology is the result of nine years of commercial development and more than 30 years of research together with the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research.

24/7 continuous surveillance

Real-time overview of important environmental factors that affect fish behavior. Opportunity to analyze how fish respond to feeding over time. Access your farm data easy directly from the CageEye app on your phone.

Infrastructure requirements

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